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We present you our Cardano Stake Pool

Thank you Cardanoarmy.io for your great work


Who are we?
We are crypto enthusiasts since 2020 and we are interested in the Cardano project.
We decided to create a stake pool to support decentralisation.

What are our goals?
To run a stake pool that is constantly growing in order to support social projects in the future.
To run a reliable stake pool to support the decentralisation of the Cardano network.

Which social projects do we want to support in the future?
We will not decide this alone, but with the help of our partners and delegators.

How and why do we need your support?
The best way to support us is to delegate to our stake pool.
By delegating to our stake pool, we can reach our goals faster.
As a delegator, you can help decide which social projects to support.

What do you get out of delegating to our Stake Pool?
As soon as blocks in the blockchain are allocated to the stake pool, there are rewards for the delegators.
99% of the rewards go to the delegators and 1% go to the stake pool.

There are only rewards when blocks are allocated to the Stake Pool.

If the pool receives 1000₳ in rewards in an epoch.
The delegators get 99% = 990₳.
The Stake Pool gets 1% = 10₳.
An epoch is 5 days = 6 epochs in a month = 5,940₳ for the delegators in a month.

What is required to delegate to our Stake Pool?
A Cardano wallet is required.
We prefer a Yoroi wallet.
You can find instructions here.

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